Inventory & Procurement Management System

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CyberVision's Online Inventory and Procurement Management System offers a range of benefits and is designed to help you understand procurement concepts and online inventory management fundamentals. Additionally, our Inventory and Procurement Management System will aid you in developing the skills required for purchasing and materials management. Moreover, it will help you acquire specific knowledge and skills for cost analysis, decision-making, and value analysis related to materials procurement and inventory management.
Key Features:
 Get real-time visibility into demand, supply, costs, and fulfillment measures and trends.

 Concepts and components of purchasing and inventory management for small businesses

 Role of the supply chain in achieving the least costs in the manufacturing environment.

 Strategic consideration in the procurement of raw materials, components, and services.

 Ethics, fair dealing, and risk management in procurement.

 Development and growth of modern procurement and inventory management.

 Methods including freight consolidation, cross-docking, supplier development, and lean supply methods.

 The strategic importance of procurement and inventory management.