Business Consulting

Startup Is In Our DNA

We equip entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals. We leverage technology to help companies launch and grow in the digital age.

Business Model Development

Strategic Differentiation: Business model innovation is essential to the health and growth of an enterprise. As the core driver of value, revenue, and profit, business models must be continually invented and re-invented as market conditions change. We work with startups and SMEs to help them define their strategic differentiation.

Competitive Advantage: Successful business models often contain a creative spark, something that leapfrogs existing market assumptions and competitors. We aid startups and SMEs in gaining this competitive edge to drive their business towards sustainable growth.

Tech Development Support

Prototypes: Visualizing the idea in a prototype is the very beginning of product development, which is usually followed by creating the MVP. We help startups with the prototype development, which is the first and highly important step towards a successful product that people use, love and are willing to pay for.

Technology Development: We help startups in facilitating the development of disruptive technologies and in attaining sustainability with growth hacking techniques.

Access to Mentors Network

Industry Experts: With a team of highly competent industry experts onboard, we can help you get your business plan together, build your product, and get to market.

Committed Mentors: For startups that are looking to launch a new venture, we have a line up established mentors that of will help guide them through the startup process. We give them the resources and support a startup needs to get off the ground.

Investor Readiness & Advisory

Opportunities: We help startups in understanding investor psychology and raising funds to help them move from big ideas toward an actual product and growth.

Criteria For Success: We support startups lay the foundation for a new venture and put together a strategy for achieving their goals and long term vision.

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