HR Intranet

What Our HR Intranet Can Do
For You

CyberVision International offers an HR Intranet solution built with HR’s strategic ambitions in mind. Through cross-functional alignment, outstanding communication, and a commitment to the holistic employee experience, our HR Intranet solution will help your company create a sustainable, high-performance culture.

Share HR Documents

The amount of information to be shared within your organization is huge. By putting HR documents such as health insurance documents, contact information, training manuals, templates for leave approval, and expenses on the intranet, employees can access them whenever they need to.

Automate HR Processes

Automating some of your HR tasks can help you free up time, increase efficiency and security and accomplish your goals faster.

Guide HR Operations

Create a roadmap for your HR department’s automation and digitalization. This enables you to have a flexible approach to processes and service. Finally, the system will provide you with HR Analytics with key insights necessary for better decision-making.

Learning and Development

With an HR Intranet in place, focusing on soft skills, business expectations, and core values become readily accessible and prompt. Besides, with key insights, you can develop better HR strategies that align with your organizational culture. Finally, you will be able to oversee performances and behaviours that define your organisation’s culture.

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